Teen Village Event

Teen Village Event: The Gathering
The Gathering:
The goal of this event is bring teens (13-19 years of age) from Pasadena and surrounding communities together to address the challenges they face in school, home, relationships, and understanding of God and His Word. 
We are pursuing teens because we understand they are facing an uphill battle as society is constantly trying to get them to get rid of God and His word. Our goal is to help them to understand how to utilize God and His Word to tackle the issues of life and society in this ever changing world! 
Our focus is to give teens the tools they need to address some of the questions that will come their way as they continue to develop and grow into young adults.
We have a couple of speakers, who will address ‘taking advantage of opportunities’ and ‘standing in your faith in an changing world’. 
This event will feature:
  • Door Prizes
  • Fellowship
  • Food 
  • Live music
  • Guest Speakers
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