Teen Village

Teen Village is a place where teenagers from 13-15 and 16-19 years old get a focused and structured view of who God is and His purpose for their lives.  We live in a ever emerging social society that attracts teens through visual, audio, and sensory mechanisms so as a church we are attracting teens using the same mechanisms but filled with information about Jesus Christ and His teachings.  Times have changed, and so must our methods of youth ministry and evangelism. An open and honest approach is essential as we face these challenges.
HVMFC Teen Village Ministry has a large focus on teens in our local area.  We target teens from all backgrounds and teach them the importance of Jesus Christ and living out the word of God in their daily lives. 
Some Focus Areas Of Teaching:
  • Apologetics 
    • FACT: More teenagers leave the Church because they do not know the basis on which Christianity is founded.  Therefore we teach teens the foundational truths of Christianity and the Bible.  So when they do leave home and their faith is questioned and challenged they have a solid answer of why they believe what they believe.
    • We spend and entire month focused on Apologetics (Learning To Defend The Christian Faith).  This gives teens the background information on the Bible and factual evidence they need to back-up the Word of God!
  • Proper Relationships
    • We focus on why every Christian needs to belong to a local church family and how to stay encouraged and strengthened in their faith when they on their own.  We also focus on what it means to find other individuals who share your faith and the proper relationships needed to help you stay focused and purposed as teens grow into adulthood. 
  •  Evangelism
    • As we prepare teens to defend the faith we also prepare teens to spread the message of Grace and Love.  A focus on Evangelism is taught and acted upon several times a year through various events in which the teen ministry participants in as we ‘Seek The Lost (foundational Principle Of HVMFC)’.  Teens get to experience what it is to share the ‘love of God’ to a generation of people who do not know of Him.

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To All HVMFC Parents/Guest:   If you are a parent/guardian of at least one child (0-15 yrs. old) please read this policy for child/children between the ages of 0-15 yrs. old. 
When your child/children (0-15 yrs. old) comes onsite to HVMFC there has to be an adult/guardian that is 18 years of age or older that is present and responsible for them while at church.  The parent/guardian who is responsible for the minor (0-15 yrs. old) at church should not leave church grounds without their child/children, no exceptions.  This rule must be followed as no underage child (0-15 yrs. old) should be left alone at church without a responsible guardian onsite.  There can also be legal issues concerning abandonment if this happens. For example: if there is an emergency situation that takes place on the church grounds and the parent(s) / guardian is not present, the child or children will be considered abandoned by law.  This will not be an issue at HVMFC!  There will be no exceptions to this rule as all children between the ages of 0-15 years of age must have a responsible parent/guardian present on church grounds with them while at church. 
Remember, for every child that attends HVMFC’s Kid’s Village the person who signs the child/children into Kid’s Village is the person that is responsible for the child /children while onsite.  
Going forward all Teen Village event’s will be for Teens that are at least 16 years old or older, for teens between the ages of 13-15 yrs. old a parent or guardian must be present onsite.
Thanks for adhering to this policy as we grow forward!
Take Care Family,
Charles R. Myles II Senior Pastor Harvest Village Ministries Family Church