What Is Destroying Your Peace?

It was around 2:00 am in the wee hours of the morning and i just woke up from an nightmare. Frustrated and angry I was because I knew it was a satanic attack, something given to destroy my peace. Some would ask how do I know it was satanic, so I will quickly explain my answer. That type of dream definitely did not come from God as God does not try to destroy your peace. The dream did not come from me because it upset me and woke me up in the middle of the night. That leaves to believe that this type of dream only come from one place and he (satan) loves to destroy our peace.
I have had attacks like this before and I usually go right back to sleep but this morning I decided to write about it. I was thinking maybe I could help someone else if they understood where these attacks were coming from and what I do to go right back to sleep. First thing that I do is to recognize that this type of dream was meant to knock me off balance. When you take away my peace and my rest I am not doing well. I am frustrated and upset the next day and usually not about the dream but because I am groggy and deprived of good rest. I am snappy with folks and can even be unpleasant to be around when I am derived of my rest. So, I found what I do in situations like this is to fight back and I fight back with a quick prayer. I have been a person who has always dealt with nightmares and attacks within my sleep and because of this I have found a way to rest. Since I am up and I know God knows what is going on I ask Him for peace and rest for the rest of the night and I turn over and go right to sleep. It took me a little while to get the hang of this but it works for me pretty much all of the time. I started doing this because the best way to attack this for me was to attack what was attacking me. In my prayer I thank the Lord for being good to me and giving me rest. I go 100% against what was trying to be taken away from me. I let satan know quickly your attacks do not work against me anymore and you can watch me rest.
Remember we have a adversary in satan, in Hebrew the definition of satan is: adversary, one who plots against another. We cannot forget this because when we do we might think these types of dreams and attacks come from within. I realize that everyone who goes through these types of issues has to find their own solution to getting rest, this was my solution and I wanted to share it with you. Stop loosing your sleep and stop letting your rest be destroyed because your adversary is trying everything he can to destroy your peace.
Just some quick thoughts
May God’s Love Surround You Always!
Pastor Charles