Why Men Can’t Stand To Go To Church

In my life growing up in Pasadena, I found in church that there was always a lot of women and children but not many men. As I grew older I also did not care much for church as I viewed it as a hustle and I knew a lot of men felt the same way about church as I did in my area. I had seen so many crooked pastors and because of this why would I go to church and donate (tithe) some of my hard earned money and “line another man’s pocket”. I’m not going to be hustled especially when I know about it because now I am playing the role of a fool, and I ain’t no fool.
Some years ago I moved away from Pasadena. While I was living in my new place I found a church that seemed to be doing things that blessed the people of that church, city, and surrounding areas as well as folk around the world. Everything was not based around one man (the pastor) and things were based on the purpose of the church which was to help, love, and restore the people. The church functioned as a body and I was amazed at the power of people functioning as one-unit and what they were able to accomplish.
In short — I found Jesus there, and I learned that no man whatever their shortcomings would run me away from my Lord again. I say this because I know that many men do not put their trust in God because of flawed representatives. I now am also a representative of Jesus and His church, a Pastor (my… how things have changed), flawed I am, but still constantly striving to do what is right by God, my Family, and God’s people.
I believe in a purposed based church, a church purposed by Christ to carry out His ‘will’, a purpose way greater then me or any one man or woman. A purpose so large it takes a army of Christ followers/soldiers to pull it off. This is the make-up of HVMFC, a body of believers functioning as one unit to accomplish the work of the Kingdom of God. We’re not perfect but still family, striving to be the men and women that Christ wants us to be.
In closing, my question would be to you men, ‘What are some of the things that hold you back from trusting in Christ and finding a church home to be a part of?’
Pastor Charles

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